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  Case management                  
                  The Department of Human Services has 4 social workers who are able to meet at the Department or conduct a home visit to assess their specific situation and assist with accessing appropriate resources or services. They are able to for many types of assistance to include crisis intervention, long range care plans, short term counseling and completion of appropriate resources and services outside this community for all state and federal income tested programs and linkage to resources and services outside of this community. The department focuses on collaboration with the Coventry Schools, Police, Fire and other town Departments as well as other state and federal agencies to include DCYF, Community Action programs, State Department of Behavioral Health, Developmental disabilities and Hospitals, Human Services, Elderly Affairs, Health, Social Security, Veteran’s Administration. With these well developed partnerships with the resources a multi faceted plan is often developed with follow-up being provided by the assigned Social Worker. The Department recognizes that when individuals are experiencing a life challenge it is difficult to navigate through all the processes programs may require. The Social Workers also possess expertise in advocacy, IEP process, Mental Health assessments, Substance Abuse, Children and Adolescent issues. This service is available to any resident of the Town of Coventry. From very simple needs to the most complex the Department stands ready to offer support.
 Please give a call at 822-9175 and an appointment can be scheduled to meet your needs.                  

Case Management

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